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May 13

Introducing Mark Laxer

Mark Laxer - Borgo

Hi. Mark Laxer here, president of Chimp-n-Sea Wildlife Conservation Fund and director of the vEcotourism project. Welcome to my new blog series! That’s me in the photo in 2010, dressed as a human-ape hybrid. I was promoting my book, The Monkey Bible, that I wrote to encourage religious and scientific communities to work together to …

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May 06

Introducing Andrina Murrell: getting the word out for vEco

Hi there vEco followers! My name is Andrina Murrell and I have been tasked with the exciting job of telling the world about vEcotourism and our vision to bring interactive and immersive experiences of wild places to everyone. Having spent several years working within conservation and wild animal welfare (that’s me in Ethiopia in the …

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Apr 29

Welcoming Helena Baird to the JARI team is very happy to welcome experienced marine ecologist and Australian Volunteer for  International Development (AVID) volunteer Dr. Helena Baird to the team at JARI, vEco’s partner in Indonesia. With conservation project experience in places as diverse as the Bahamas, Zimbabwe and Antarctica, Helena will be working with JARI to implement marine education opportunities, working …

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Mar 06

Creating vEcotours with the Born Free Foundation team


vEcotourism’s Ian and Matt Redmond were delighted to drop by the offices of their long-standing supporters at the Born Free Foundation in order to provide a hands-on workshop in virtual tour construction. After providing inspirational insights into vEcotourism and its potential, Ian challenged the Born Free team to create a pano of the Born Free …

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Mar 03

Celebrate World Wildlife Day!

It’s World Wildlife Day! A day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora. Announced by the UN, the day coincides with the adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Andrina Murrell, Communications Director for explains, “ is really pleased to be celebrating …

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Feb 13

Presenting vEco’s first blogger: Mark O!

My name is Mark Olokotum alias Mark O! I am the main photographer and tour guide for in Uganda, and will be bringing vEco content from East Africa as well as presenting vEco materials to local communities. I invite you to “Be part of the conversation and conservation”! I hold a BSc in Fisheries and …

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Feb 10

Experience the fascinating world of the Susa gorilla group in Rwanda, guided by great ape expert Ian Redmond

Sidle up to one of our world’s greatest living wonders: a group of mighty mountain gorillas browsing and playing in their natural habitat on Mount Karisimbi, Rwanda. Our latest vEcotour features 360 degree images, ambient background sounds, and embedded videos, all captured by our vEco Ambassador and great ape expert, Ian Redmond. Mount Karisimbi, a …

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Feb 04

Mobile Clinic arrival marks a special day for the Kibale Health and Conservation Project, Uganda

Today represents a fantastic result for vEcotourism Project Advisors Dr.’s Colin and Lauren Chapman; a long-awaited mobile clinic van for Kibale National Park has finally arrived in Uganda. The Kibale Health and Conservation Project, founded by the couple, works to to provide health care to the local communities surrounding Kibale National Park as well as …

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Jan 17

Palm oil company hit with momentous fine for destruction of key orangutan habitat

Palm oil plantation

An Indonesian company has been ordered to pay US$30 million to the state for illegally clearing 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres) of the Tripa Peatland Swamp Forest in Aceh province, Sumatra. The historic fine was imposed after PT Kallista Alam was found in breach of Indonesian National Law for the “illegal use of fire to clear …

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Nov 15

Good news for Orangutans!

Thanks in large part to fierce protest on the part of consumers concerned with non-sustainable palm oil, the food giant Ferrero has announced that it will be obtaining 100% of its palm oil from traceable segregated, RSPO-certified sources by the end of 2014, a full year ahead of its previously announced schedule. Ferrero, which manufactures …

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