Jun 30

Get ready for the Kwita Izina gorilla naming celebrations in Kinigi, Rwanda with vEcotourism.org

Ian guides you through and access-all-area tour of Kwita Izina 2013

On 1st July 2014 Rwanda will host the tenth annual ‘Kwita Izina’, a gorilla naming ceremony for each born in the Volcanoes National Park during the year! This year, if you are not able to attend, take a guided virtual tour (vEcotour) with primate expert Ian Redmond during last year’s event when he was given an all-access pass to this unique celebration!

“There is so much dismal news in conservation it is wonderful to have something to celebrate! Each year there are a few more mountain gorillas than the year before (the only ape we can say that about) and Rwanda celebrates this success in style at their annual gorilla naming ceremony, the Kwita Izina.” vEcotourism ambassador Ian Redmond explains.

Last year I was privileged to be given an access-all-areas pass, so on the occasion of the 10th Kwita Izina this year, if you can’t be in Kinigi in person, join me virtually to share the excitement of this unique event – a cross between Glastonbury, an African folk festival, a political rally and a conservation knees-up!”

Join the festivities and start your Kwita Izina experience with Ian by clicking on the image above or the map below!

In 2014, 18 baby mountain gorillas will be named and two of them are from the Susa group. You can get up close and personal with the Susa group in our recent vEcotour, guided by Ian Redmond. Click here to start your trek.

Kwita Izina 10 is being hosted by Rwanda Development Board (RDB), for more information visit www.rdb.rw/kwitizina

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