May 12

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Our Ambassador, Ian Redmond, remembers the mountain gorillas that famously interacted with Sir David Attenborough in the landmark television series ‘Life on Earth‘ for a new article for BBC Earth.

Ian recalls introducing the BBC film crew to two of the gorilla groups being studied by Dian Fossey, while he was working as her research assistant at The Karisoke Research Centre in 1978.

Answering the question: “Where are they now?”, BBC Earth explores the lives lived of the gorillas that featured in the now infamous clip. Happily, Poppy, the then two-year-old infant who played alongside David Attenborough, is now an elderly matriarch in the Susa Mountain Gorilla Group, one of the groups habituated for tourist visitors, and one which you can visit, virtually, with vEcotourism.org. at close range on the flanks of Mount Karisimbi.

Click on the image above or here to begin the tour!

To visit more mountain gorilla sites in the Virunga Volcanoes region, including the remote glade where Dian Fossey lies buried alongside her beloved gorilla friends, please choose a tour from the map below.


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