Aug 08

Teaching school students with vEco virtual reality

Jay giving a lesson on vEcotours

Here at vEcotours, we’ve taken our first leap into the classroom, trialling a new “kid’s version” of our Mount Elgon virtual reality tour for a special lesson at Cambridge Elementary School, Vermont.

The demo used our new app, which is available for both iOS and Android, with a special new narration, voiced by youngsters Erica and Oliver Laxer.

It was a great chance to see what students thought of the Mount Elgon tour. The reaction was, happily, a positive one!

We also challenged students to “adopt” some of our tours after summer vacation; to research the locations and the species that live within them and produce a school project to narrate the tours themselves.

We’re looking forward to seeing what students at Cambridge Elementary School come up with!


vecotours in school8

vecotours in school4

vecotours in school5

vecotours in school16


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