Apr 22

Virtual reality natural history — a sign of the future!

What equipment does a naturalist usually need? vEco’s Adviser and Ambassador (and renowned wildlife biologist and conservationist) Ian Redmond suggests a pair of binoculars and a hand lens, but — as he explains in this short video — soon, a virtual reality headset could also be a vital piece of equipment!

It’s a positive movement; that many great natural history programmes and films have inspired so many would-be wildlife enthusiasts, and whilst the best way to learn about species is in their natural habitat, affording the costs (and clocking up the air mileage) to do so can often be unobtainable.

vEcotours allows virtual eco-tourism in an immersive, interactive way using a screen (and, imminently, a VR headset!), and as Ian explains here, it can be a very powerful, educational tool that allows interactive learning across the globe.

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