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As our project gains momentum, we’ve identified some areas where we could use some help so that the core team can stay focused on their primary tasks of developing the core vEco technology. If you’ve got the skills we’re looking for, or know someone who does, please get in touch with Mark Laxer, mark(at)vecotourism(dot)org. As a vEco volunteer, you’ll work alongside our distinguished partners, network with established conservation professionals, and contribute to our shared vision of a planet that is home to all species, big and small.

Roles to fill:

Video editors
As we accumulate more amazing video of wild and wonderful places from renowned conservationist and wildlife expert Dr. Ian Redmond, we need more editors to help us create our online virtual ecotours. Under creative direction from Ian, volunteer editors will pull out and clean up the small clips from his rushes. This would be great experience along side a daily job, a credible entry on the CV as well as a fitting tribute to wildlife conservation and our natural world. Editors need access to a modern editing suite (e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro) and be either able to cut & splice, color-grade, and export footage or be eager to learn.

chart_smallWebmaster/Wordpress guru
We’d love to see our wordpress-based site kept up to speed and maintained with the loving attention to detail it deserves. The webmaster will keep things running smoothly and handle the occasional request for upgrades or new features. We’ve also just launched a vEcotour production wordpress site called “TourWorks” to help our production team coordinate their efforts, and we could use some help getting this site set up with a wiki and other collaboration-centric features.
smileyguy_smallBlog Writer/Social media wrangler
There are always lots of new developments at vEco, but we don’t always have time to write about them! Our writer / social media wrangler would be in charge of transforming terse field reports and images into captivating blog posts and keeping our Twitter and Facebook accounts up to date.
pencil_smallGraphic designer
Building a functional user interface is one thing, but making it beautiful is another. Our graphic designer would help us develop a unified visual theme across our brand and add visual flair to both vEco itself and our website. As our platform evolves, we have a constant need for new icons and layouts.
headphones_smallAudio engineer
One of the next steps for our virtual tours is to incorporate more sophisticated directional audio. Our audio engineer will help advise us on getting the best results from our field equipment, pre-process audio recordings and help us build immersive soundscapes.
labflask_smallvEco testers
As we integrate new features and experiment with new methods of virtual storytelling, we need feedback on how everything is working across a variety of platforms. Our testers will receive links to “beta” versions of vEco and provide careful feedback on how they perform.
Interested? Write to Mark Laxer at mark(at)vecotourism(dot)org with a brief summary of your background and skills. If you are volunteering to be a vEco tester, please include a list of the equipment you use to access the internet (i.e. iPad 2, Android, PC, Mac).

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