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Ahead of World Elephant Day 2014 on August 12th, watch alongside vEcotourism’s ambassador, Ian Redmond, as 3.5 tonnes of illegal ivory tusks are crushed in Paris, France in February 2014. Highlighting the shocking illegal trafficking of ivory which is killing over 30,000 elephants each year, this exceptional event sent a clear message: it is unacceptable to allow this trade to continue.

“In the midst of photographing the scene, doing panos and videoing the action, I was suddenly struck by a pang of emotion while watching the tusks carried along the conveyor belt”, explains Ian, “It was a very moving moment to realise this was effectively a mass funeral, respectfully bidding farewell to the last remains of hundreds of elephant-beings.”

The crush in Paris followed similar shows of support for halting the ivory trade from Gabon, the Philippines, the USA and China.

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary event with our latest virtual tour (vEcotour) and say ‘No!’ to the destructive ivory trade.

Click on the image above or map below to start your tour.

Read more about the ivory crush and the plight elephants are facing at http://bloodyivory.org/ and http://www.bornfree.org.uk/campaigns/elephants/campaign-action/ivory-trade/ivory-crush-paris/


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Paris Ivory Crush 48.858200, 2.294500 Tusk to Dust Experience the emotion alongside Ian Redmond as 3.5 tonnes of ivory are destroyed in Paris, France (Feb 2014). Click the image to start your vEcotour.




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