Why vEcotourism?

The Virtual Ecotourism project uses interactive on-line tours to connect the general public with conservation projects and local communities in ecologically and culturally sensitive areas worldwide. We aim to nurture curiosity about the natural world, promote effective world citizenship, contribute to alternative livelihoods for communities living in areas of high conservation importance, and combat environmental degradation.

vEcotourism was invented in 2004 by Mark Laxer, the director and founder of the Virtual Ecotourism project. Currently, vEcotours are primarily being produced in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Indonesia to highlight the plight of the great apes in those countries, but as we grow we intend to tackle the challenge of conservation world wide.

Mission Statement

Connecting and empowering conservation projects by integrating state-of-the-art immersive digital technologies with traditional storytelling.

What is a Virtual Ecotour?

In its current, “beta” state, a vEcotour is a series of immersive 360-degree photographs (similar to Google’s Street View) combined with ambient background audio, still images, and embedded videos. An expert guide provides introductory voiceovers for each panorama and comments on the hotspots.

The next step for vEcotourism is to incorporate our immersive panoramas into an interface that will allow tourists to interact, pose questions, and be guided through the experience by a conservation professional in real-time.

Why is Virtual Ecotourism Needed?

Ecotourism has been widely heralded as a means to provide an income in a way that encourages protection of biodiversity. However, even Ecotourism done sensitively has disadvantages including: high carbon footprint, wildlife disturbance, potential for disease introduction, and development of roads and infrastructure which have a detrimental effect on wildlife. Furthermore, many people are unable to afford the high price of ecotourism, or are too old, young, or otherwise unable, or unwilling, to travel. vEcotourism overcomes these challenges by providing a way to experience a conservation site virtually, using many exciting on-line technologies combined with a live, on-location tour guide.





The Team

Mark Laxer: Vermont USA. Mark–with a degree in literature and computer science from the University of California, San Diego– is passionate about using modern technology and traditional storytelling to share wildlife conservation stories with people around the world.  He has written three books, the latest of which can be found, free, here:    @marklaxer …

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We’ve worked with… Ape Alliance, UK The Ape Alliance, which started in 1996, is an international coalition of organisations and individuals working for the conservation and welfare of apes. It exists to provide a forum for discussion of issues relating to apes, develop position papers on key issues, lobby collectively for enactment and/or enforcement of …

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