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May 28

What would you say if given the chance to talk to the world for 15 minutes? – TEDx talk by Ian Redmond

vEcotourism ambassador and great ape expert, Ian Redmond was recently invited to give a TEDx talk at Southampton University.  After the event, Ian explained to vEco how he felt about this unique and exciting experience: What would you say if given the chance to talk to the world for 15 minutes? I’ve been a fan of TED talks – …

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Apr 23

vEcotourism needs your help!

Become a vEconaut!

Would you like to get a sneak peek at vEco’s latest and greatest innovations?  Become a vEconaut!  We need your help to test out the freshest content from  As a vEconaut, you will help vEcotourism to ensure it produces the best, bug-free vEcotours, bringing immersive and interactive experiences of amazing places and wildlife around …

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Feb 20

vEco flys to San Francisco for the final round of the DML competition

      Having successfully advanced through Stage I and Stage II of the Digital Media and Learning Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition, the contest organizers have invited two members of the Virtual Ecotourism team to San Francisco to pitch the project in person! With flowers in our hair, we head to San Francisco for …

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Jan 31

Stage II – Digital Media and Learning Badges Competition

After winning Stage I of the DML Badges Competition, the virtual ecotourism team decided to take destiny into our own hands and entered our own unique badging system in Stage II of the competition. If we are successful in this stage we will be competing in a live showdown with other winners in San Francisco, USA, …

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Dec 27

DML Badges Competition: Virtual Ecotourism Advances to Stage II!

The team is very proud to announce that the virtual ecotourism project has been chosen, out of over 350 applicants, to advance to Stage Two of the Digital Media and Learning Badges Competition. This means that our content was deemed compelling and original, and capable of evaluating 21st century learning as part of a worldwide badge …

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Dec 05

Audio & Video Enabled Panoramic Photo

The Virtual Ecotourism team has been experimenting with an even more interactive form of 360° panoramic photo. In partnership with the MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management (BCM 2011-2012) at The University of Oxford, we have created an audio and video enabled pano.

Nov 20

Digital Media & Learning Competition

The Virtual Ecotourism project has entered the Digital Media & Learning Badges Competition in a bid to win part of a $200,000 grant for the development of a badging system to reward on-line learning that is difficult to assess in other ways.

Nov 07

Welcome to the vEcotourism News Site!

The aim of this blog  is to keep virtual ecotourists, partner organizations, and curious conservationists updated about the vEcotourism project.  It will outline our current work, showcase initial vEcotours as they are developed, link to exciting upcoming technologies, promote conservation projects, host visual media from tours, and serve to keep the vEcotourism community informed and connected. To learn more about …

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