Dec 05

Audio & Video Enabled Panoramic Photo

The Virtual Ecotourism team has been experimenting with an even more interactive form of 360° panoramic photo. In partnership with the MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management (BCM 2011-2012) at The University of Oxford, we have created an audio and video enabled pano.

The BCM team created the necessary media for a pano outlining the ecosystem services found in a child’s bedroom. Ecosystem services are an incredibly important topic in current conservation debates, and this pano breaks down a difficult concept for a non-expert audience. The virtual ecotourism team hopes to utilize this type of interactive pano in upcoming tours.

Creative Team: Leonie Gough, Susie Lane, Tomomi Matsumoto and Mary N’Gendo

IT Team: Jay Ploss and Matt Redmond

Project Coordinator: Lucy Erickson

Please note: This pano was created as a school project and will not to be used for commercial purposes. The pano was created by students, however some images within accompanying videos were found using Google Images and photo credit is available upon request.

Enter the pano by clicking on the image below, and don’t forget to explore all of the videos!

Ecosystem Services

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