Mar 13

Introducing vEco Labs!

360 “2.5D” pano with CGI mist accents

Now that the vEco team has migrated our core technology over to the Unity development engine, we’re bringing all kinds of innovative 360 features into the fold, like true 3D menu scenes, spatial audio, and in-tour minigames! Because not all of these new features are available as part of a finished tour at this time, we’ve created the vEco Labs app as a way for our users and potential clients to check out what we’re working on.

Download the iOS or Android mobile app for free, now!

vEco Labs currently features:

  • Custom mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing for unlimited streamed media content which can be updated on-the-fly
  • Custom 3D VR menu scenes featuring client branding
  • Extensive multimedia embedded “hotspots”, including still images, 3D stereo images, audio, narrated stills, and video.
  • Spatially-enhanced audio to add even more immersion and realism
  • “2.5D” CGI-enhanced 360 images that add depth and aliveness to standard panoramas
  • “Gameified” tour elements such as “find the hidden animals” to provide deeper and more engaging interactions

True 3D interactive menu scene

There are many more features in the pipeline! We’ll continue to update the vEco Labs app as we go, so look for some of these additional features in the near future!

  •  Integrated tracking of user metrics: how users proceed through tours, which activities and media elements attract the most attention, retention rates, how much time users spend in the app, etc.
  • Close integration with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) platforms to allow virtual tourists to share experiences from within the app with their friends and peers.
  • Breathtaking virtual fly-overs based on actual satellite terrain data to provide an accurate, unparalleled sense of the geography of tour locations.
  • Live real-time tours with multiple tourists per tour. Among other uses, this allows clients to provide exclusive tours with live commentary to top donators or contest winners and allows school children to experience learning materials together while being guided by a teacher.
  • Exclusive tours that can be unlocked in the app for our clients’ members via vouchers as a reward for support or for VIPs.

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