Dec 20

Listen to the waves of Lake Nabugabo

The vEco team in Uganda has been hard at work collecting images, panoramas, and sounds at our new site on the shores of Lake Nabugabo. Enjoy this panorama near the shore, complete with sampled audio.

Lake Nabugabo lies just to the West of Lake Victoria, having become separated from that Great Lake as a result of shifting sands approximately 4000-5000 years ago. The Lake is a designated Ramsar important wetlands site due to the high diversity of birds and fishes found in the lake and its surroundings. Lake Nabugabo has also proven to be a useful as a small-scale model for researchers studying the effects of introduced fish predators (especially the Nile Perch) on indigenous fishes in African Lakes.

Click here or on the image below to explore the panorama.

Lakeshore at Nabugabo

Lakeshore at Nabugabo

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