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Dec 01

Virtual field trip with vEcotours

vEcotours has entered the classroom once again, this time taking children from Walmore Hill Primary School in Gloucestershire, England on a virtual safari. Our ambassador, naturalist Ian Redmond OBE, gave a natural history lesson to pupils, who were encouraged to think about elephants and what it may be like to be one. In a workshop …

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Aug 08

Teaching school students with vEco virtual reality

Here at vEcotours, we’ve taken our first leap into the classroom, trialling a new “kid’s version” of our Mount Elgon virtual reality tour for a special lesson at Cambridge Elementary School, Vermont. The demo used our new app, which is available for both iOS and Android, with a special new narration, voiced by youngsters Erica and …

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Apr 22

Virtual reality natural history — a sign of the future!

What equipment does a naturalist usually need? vEco’s Adviser and Ambassador (and renowned wildlife biologist and conservationist) Ian Redmond suggests a pair of binoculars and a hand lens, but — as he explains in this short video — soon, a virtual reality headset could also be a vital piece of equipment! It’s a positive movement; that …

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Dec 20

Listen to the waves of Lake Nabugabo

The vEco team in Uganda has been hard at work collecting images, panoramas, and sounds at our new site on the shores of Lake Nabugabo. Enjoy this panorama near the shore, complete with sampled audio.

Dec 05

Audio & Video Enabled Panoramic Photo

The Virtual Ecotourism team has been experimenting with an even more interactive form of 360° panoramic photo. In partnership with the MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management (BCM 2011-2012) at The University of Oxford, we have created an audio and video enabled pano.

Nov 07

Welcome to the vEcotourism News Site!

The aim of this blog  is to keep virtual ecotourists, partner organizations, and curious conservationists updated about the vEcotourism project.  It will outline our current work, showcase initial vEcotours as they are developed, link to exciting upcoming technologies, promote conservation projects, host visual media from tours, and serve to keep the vEcotourism community informed and connected. To learn more about …

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