Dec 01

Virtual field trip with vEcotours

vEcotours has entered the classroom once again, this time taking children from Walmore Hill Primary School in Gloucestershire, England on a virtual safari.

Our ambassador, naturalist Ian Redmond OBE, gave a natural history lesson to pupils, who were encouraged to think about elephants and what it may be like to be one.

In a workshop titled: ‘If I’d been born an elephant…’, vEcotourism.org was used to demonstrate the diverse habitats that elephants can live in, and was used to help children see through the eyes of an elephant, in preparation for the rest of the workshop, which included making elephant costumes and role-playing being baby elephants.


Mr Stevenson of Walmore Hill Primary School said: “Ian Redmond brought these magnificent animals to life for the children in a fun and educational way. Natural history is an important part of the curriculum and we are privileged to have Ian visit our school and inspire our children with such a vital environmental message.”


For more information visit: http://www.blakeneyschool.co.uk/Walmore_Hill/elephants.html

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