Mar 06

Creating vEcotours with the Born Free Foundation team

© vEcotourism 2014

vEcotourism’s Ian and Matt Redmond were delighted to drop by the offices of their long-standing supporters at the Born Free Foundation in order to provide a hands-on workshop in virtual tour construction.

After providing inspirational insights into vEcotourism and its potential, Ian challenged the Born Free team to create a pano of the Born Free office. Armed with a camera and panorama tools the team collected the images and sound while curious colleagues looked on. vEco tech expert Matt deftly stitched the images and ‘voilà’; a panorama of the hard working staff in the Born Free office. Click here or the map below to view the Born Free team’s pano.

“It was great to learn how vEcotours are created and to understand how dynamic these exciting new virtual tours can be”, Born Free’s Programmes Support Co-ordinator Laura Gosset explained, “The potential for vEcotourism is phenomenal, with forseeable uptake for wildlife education, training and of course armchair tourism, giving you a real taste of the jungle from your desk.”

vEcotourism can’t wait to begin creating new interactive and immersive vEcotours of Born Free’s projects in wild and wonderful places around the world.

Would you like to partner with vEcotourism to amaze, delight and inform your supporters?  If so, please contact Jay Ploss at jay@vecotourism.org



For an example of a fully interactive tour, enjoy the vEcotour of the Susa mountain gorilla group in Rwanda here!

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