Jun 05

Explore the world with vEcotourism.org on World Environment Day 2014

WED_2014_EN_LSet up by the United Nations in 1973, World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated annually on 5 June to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the environment. WED has become an impressive platform from which organisations and individuals alike can do something positive for the environment.

“On the 41st World Environment Day, we would like to encourage everyone to explore the world through vEcotourism.org” Andrina Murrell, Communications Director for vEcotourism.org, explains, “Immerse yourself in fascinating landscapes with amazing wildlife and understand the issues facing our world through the storytelling and technology or our global virtual ecotours.”

Pick one of our exciting virtual ecotours (what we call “vEcotours”) from the map below! Take a trip to Sumatra to meet one of our closest relatives and endangered species, the orangutan, discover the secrets in the rocks in Canada, sidle up to the mighty mountain gorilla in Rwanda and much, much more.

Click on the icons in the map below to start your vEcotour!

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