Nov 15

Good news for Orangutans!

OrangFamilyThanks in large part to fierce protest on the part of consumers concerned with non-sustainable palm oil, the food giant Ferrero has announced that it will be obtaining 100% of its palm oil from traceable segregated, RSPO-certified sources by the end of 2014, a full year ahead of its previously announced schedule.

Ferrero, which manufactures popular treats such as Nutella, Tic-Tac, and Ferrero-Rocher chocolates, is just one of dozens of snack food manufacturers, representing a $432 billion annual industry, that are now facing heavy criticism for using non-sustainable palm oil in their products and therefore driving the rapid conversion of Sumatran Orangutan habitat into palm oil plantations. For more information or to add your voice to the chorus calling for palm-oil reform, visit http://ran.org/palm-oil.

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