May 06

Introducing Andrina Murrell: getting the word out for vEco

Hi there vEco followers!

Andrina in Ethiopia!My name is Andrina Murrell and I have been tasked with the exciting job of telling the world about vEcotourism and our vision to bring interactive and immersive experiences of wild places to everyone.

Having spent several years working within conservation and wild animal welfare (that’s me in Ethiopia in the photo, where I helped develop the country’s first Wildlife Rescue Centre), I’ve developed a passion for communicating the issues that our world faces as well as the wild wonders which it encompasses. Being part of the vEco team allows me to indulge this passion with the added bonus of innovative technology.

I hope that through providing an interactive and immersive experience of new places, people, flora and fauna that vEcotourism will motivate YOU to be inspired by nature and to take action to protect our world.

Communications are a two-way thing so let me know your thoughts, let’s have a conversation. What can vEco do better? Where would you like to see a vEcotour based? What could you help us with? There are all sorts of ways we can start this conversation, through our Facebook page, Twitter, this blog or even good ol’ email!

I look forward to bringing you more remarkable content from our fantastic pano photographers around the world and our amazing tech team.

Find out more about the rest of the vEco team here!


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