Sep 15

London’s Great Gorilla Run 2017!

GGR2014There are fun runs and then there is the GREAT GORILLA RUN — more fun for a good cause than any other event in conservation!  At least that is what British comedian and TV naturalist Bill Oddie says. Tomorrow, Saturday 16th September, the 15th Great Gorilla Run will see hundreds of people dressed as gorillas, with fancy dress on top, run for 5 miles (8km) through the heart of London — past St Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard and over Tower Bridge — all to raise funds for the important work of the Gorilla Organization.

Two members of Team vEco will be running — so if you can make it to London to cheer them on, come and join the party. If not, click HERE to travel back in time to 2014’s run, and when you’ve seen Bill Oddie and Uri Geller presenting medals and admired the inventiveness of the costumes, please visit the JustGiving pages of the Punk Gorillas or Ian Redmond and chip in a few £,$ or € for the real gorillas (who you can also visit virtually) and the communities living around their forest. Thank you very much.

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