Mar 03


The theme of this year’s UN World Wildlife Day, on 3rd March, is being #seriousaboutwildlifecrime and the UN-Great Apes Survival Partnership (UN-GRASP) has released a new video, which will be screened at the UN in New York, on the illegal trade in ape infants.

Narrated by UN-GRASP Patron Professor Richard Wrangham, it pulls no punches in revealing the horrors of this persistent threat to great ape survival. The newly revamped web-pages of UN-GRASP now feature vEcotours of several ape sanctuaries, enabling people to visit them virtually, look around and meet the orphaned apes and the dedicated carers who look after them until such time as they can be released back into their natural habitat.

Also, just released in IMAX theatres in North America and England, Great Apes 3D is now out. Why not see the film crew in action by clicking the Take a Tour tab and selecting a virtual ape encounter. Teachers can also download free educational materials here http://greatapes.nwave.com/doc/nWave_TheGreatApes_EducatorsGuide_HD.pdf

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