Mar 09

vEco at the Digital Media and Learning Badges Competition


“Learning happens everywhere and at every age”

In this spirit, Virtual Ecotourism participated in the 4th Digital Media and Learning Competition for the first time last week. By recognising and promoting non–traditional learning in the 21st century, this competition brought together designers, entrepreneurs, technologists and educators with leading business and industry organizations to build digital badge systems and explore the ways badges can be used to help people learn, demonstrate skills and knowledge, and unlock job, educational and civic opportunities.

Following two preliminary stages of competition, vEco was selected as one of the 91 finalists to go to San Francisco. We had the unique opportunity to participate in workshops, network with many inspiring people to discuss possible collaborations and finally present our project on March 1st, 2012 to a panel of judges. Among the highly competitive pool of participants, thirty winning projects were selected (competition results).

We are honored to have participated in this event. Even though we did not win—this time—we are energized about what we saw (the future looks bright), made many great contacts and hope to be back next year.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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