Aug 11

Lunch-Break vEcoLive: Meet the Salt-Mining Elephants of Kitum Cave, Kenya!

Salt-Mining Elephants of Kitum Cave, Kenya

Salt-Mining Elephants of Kitum Cave, Kenya

To mark the occasion of World Elephant Day, 2015, please join us on your lunch break when Ian Redmond will provide a vEcoLive tour of Kitum Cave in Mt Elgon National Park, Kenya. Bring your own sandwiches and head to live.vecotourism.org to accompany Ian as he narrates, in real-time, a five-location expedition from the Park’s front gates into the depths of Kitum Cave where elephants have been mining salt with their tusks for generations.

vEcoLive is our ground-breaking experimental platform that allows virtual ecotourists to share a group tour experience, chat with fellow tourists and ask the tour guide questions, and hear live audio commentary from an expert host.

vEcoLive: Meet The Salt-Mining Elephants of Kitum Cave, KenyaKitum Cave, Kenya

First Showing
12 August 2015, 1:00pm BST / 8:00am EST

Second Showing
12 August 2015, 5:00pm BST / 12:00pm EST

Please note that vEcoLive currently requires a PC (running Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Chrome) or a Mac (running Chrome, NOT Safari) and Adobe Flash Player installed. Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are not supported at this time.



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