Aug 12

Crossing paths with a forest elephant on World Elephant Day

© Ian Redmond / vEcotourism

vEcotourism.org ambassador Ian Redmond recently had the very good fortune to encounter a magnificent forest elephant while trekking to see mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.

In our latest “taster” vEcotour, published to coincide with World Elephant Day, you’ll join Ian as he observes this marvellous creature calmly feeding in his native habitat, with a full-fledged version of this tour complete with video footage to follow shortly.  Once you see this gentle giant quietly browsing you can’t help but be moved to help protect these peaceful forest gardeners from the deadly ivory trade.

Click the image above to start your tour. Make sure you also view Ian’s thought-provoking vEcotour of the Paris ivory crush that took place this past February by clicking here.

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(Preview) Crossing paths with a forest elephant -1.080600, 29.661400 Crossing paths with a forest elephant Have an unexpected encounter with a remarkable forest elephant alongside your guide Ian Redmond. Click the image to start your vEcotour.


  1. Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka

    Wow this is so amazing Ian. Since I started working with Bwindi mountain gorillas in 1994, I have only see signs of forest elephants, but never encountered one. So you are very lucky! and on World Elephant Day – how fitting.

    1. jay

      Hello Dr. Gladys! Thank you very much for your kind comment and your support of our project through the years. We’re big fans of yours. Ian and his group was indeed very fortunate to come across such a rare and majestic elephant. We’ll let you know when we’ve updated this tour to include more video footage of the encounter!

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