Aug 19

Welcome, Guardian readers!

vEcotourism.org is pleased to welcome readers of The Guardian’s “Notes&Theories” segment, arriving at our site following our mention in the recent piece entitled “Support our red-haired cousins, the orangutans, before it’s too late“. You can join your host, Ian Redmond, OBE, in our unique interactive virtual ecotours of Orangutan habitat and conservation efforts in Sumatra by clicking on the links below or by consulting the map of tour locations here. Enjoy!

TripaThumb_240shortHigh up in an abandoned Orangutan nest, Tripa palm oil plantation, Aceh province, Indonesia





SOCPThumb_240shortAt the off-limits-to-the-public Sumatran Orangtuan Conservation Program (SOCP) quarantine facility in North Sumatra, Indonesia




FeedThumb_240shortUp close with a rescued Orangutan male at the Bukit Lawang feeding platform, North Sumatra, Indonesia





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